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Farmers and consultants can now access a soil moisture probe or weather station from the Internet. Valuable real time data from your home, office or even on the go.

AquaSpy supplies some of the most advanced technology for agriculture including soil moisture probes, telemetry products, weather stations, and data analysis software.

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Ag Moisture Inc. is an authorized dealer for AquaSpy and can help answer any questions that you may have about this new technology. We install, service and offer consulting packages for these products. Contact us to get a price list and and installation cost.


AquaSpy Soil Moisture Probes: These capacitance probes are designed to read soil moisture every 4 inches. Available in subsurface and aboveground configurations and can be purchased in 20 inch, 40 inch and 60 inch lengths. These probes can improve your water use efficiency, which can dramatically increase yield and save water.

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AquaSpy Sensor: Developed with the same technology that goes into the capacitance probes the AquaSpy Sensors provides a cost effective soil moisture monitoring solution. The small size and unique shape of these sensors make them easy to install and fit in a variety of situations.

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AquaSpy Data Nodes: This reliable data logger is designed to fit in almost any situation. They have a large storage capacity and have a choice for data transfer methods. Data Analysis software is included. It is compatible with a variety of sensors including AquaSpy sensors and probes.

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AquaSpy Radio Nodes: This system uses the reliable data node logger with the added feature of radio. Data from the sensor is collected then transferred wirelessly to an AquaSpy Radio Receiver (required). This system is completely automated delivering sensor data from remote sites via radio, directly to your personal computer for viewing.

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AquaSpy Radio Receiver: This radio receiver connects directly to a PC and receives sensor data by way of radio signals from remote Radio Nodes (required). The data is automatically uploaded to the PC, where it can be viewed using the included data analysis software.

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AquaSpy Gateway: This transfer solution can be the most helpful in acquiring data from long distances away. It’s based on the Data/Radio Node technology but it includes a cellular modem. Collected sensor data is transferred via cellular modem to an IP address, uploaded and viewed in a data analysis software package. Independent and Network Gateways are available to fit the application. Network Gateways offer the ability to receive signals from Radio Nodes, (listed above). This Gateway solution lets the user add more than one set of sensors in remote locations. All Radio Nodes then radio to the Network Gateway for transfer via cellular technology.

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Met Spy Weather Stations: The MetSpy Weather Station is a state-of-the art weather-measuring device. The advanced ultrasonic components have no moving parts for extended life and improved reliability. Calculating information such as evapotransporation is fully supported making it an ideal match with the AquaSpy soil moisture monitoring solutions.

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Aqua Blu Soil Moisture Regulator with Sensor: The Aqua Blue sensor and regulator over sees the irrigation of plants to insure that over watering does not occur while maintaining proper wetness. The sensor accurately measures the wetness of the soil and is cabled to a smart regulator connected to your irrigation timer. Soil moisture can be adjusted with a simple dial. See below

  • If soil is too wet regulator cancels the next irrigation.
  • During irrigation, water stopped if soil becomes too wet.
  • Irrigations resume on next cycle when soil becomes dry enough.
  • Dial can be adjusted wetter or dryer to meet the needs to the plants.
Many benefits consistently demonstrated by the AquaBlu Soil Moisture Sensor are: 
  • Healthier plants and greener grass.
  • 30 - 70 % water saving due to the near elimination of over watering.
  • Saving money by reducing power costs or water bill costs.
  • Stronger roots which can promote better drought resistance.

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Aqua Blue Soil Moisture Regulator and Sensor
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