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Agricultural consulting has been a way of life for this company for over 30 years. Experience paired with integrity has grown our client base to include some of the most influential growers in the San Joaquin Valley. The valley’s wide range of crop types and growing conditions has given us a diverse range of experience and understanding.

The cost of farming is on the rise. Maximizing profits through efficient use of inputs is a must. Water and fertilizer constitute a large portion of the farmer’s budget. We can tailor a plan that precisely monitors soil moisture and fertilizer. Our consulting plans offer a wide range of services including weekly visitation for irrigation scheduling and timely soil and tissue sampling.

Specific solutions are needed to meet the demands of specific crops. A single program may not be right for all crops. This is why we choose to meet with our growers to design a specific plan that meets their needs.

The backbone of our irrigation management is an Et based computer system that uses CIMIS weather stations to import Et data daily. Understanding Et in relation to crop size is essential to predicting irrigations and the amount of water needed.  We adjust this system to the specific crop and also use other instruments to aid in data collection.


Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios and Wine Grapes

We started consulting in almonds in 1993 and continue with the same clientele today. We soon added wine grapes, walnuts and pistachios to our long list of permanent crops that we work in. Proper irrigation scheduling and fertility management produces healthy vigorous trees and vines.

Almond hull rot has become a major issue with some varieties causing loss of productive fruitwood for the future. We have been one of the leaders in the implementation of the pressure chamber, (pressure bomb), to safely cut back on irrigation to reduce the incidence of this disease. We can help you with your almond irrigation decisions and set up a plan to handle hull rot in susceptible varieties.

The walnut industry has also benefited from the use of the pressure chamber and other soil moisture measuring devices. Significant loss of yield has been directly attributed to poor irrigation management in walnuts. We have been very successful in maintaining proper moisture throughout the season.

Wine grape growers in the central valley and in the coastal regions continuously struggle to maintain the quality of the grapes harvested but maintain good yields. Regulated Deficit Irrigation or RDI is often practiced to gain fruit quality without a large reduction in yield. We have used RDI in many permanent crops for various reasons. A minimal reduction of water from a fully irrigated regime can have great benefits. We can tailor a moisture monitoring plan to meet your needs.

Row Crops

Since the founding of this company Ag Moisture Inc. has been scheduling irrigations and providing fertility expertise on row crops all over the central valley. We deliver a detailed irrigation schedule weekly or twice a week depending on the crop. Farmers and managers can use this schedule to plan their cultural practices ahead of time. This enables the farm to run more efficiently, saving money and time.

A large portion of our client base is devoted to processing tomatoes and cotton. 
We have scheduled almost all other row crops in the central valley as well. We have experience working with sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and the good old stand by flood.

Recently buried drip irrigation systems have gain popularity in the San Joaquin Valley. These very precise systems are state-of-the-art offering growers increased yields and water savings. We have extensive experience with these systems using a variety of soil moisture monitoring techniques.


Consulting Plans and Options

Our company believes that we should mold the plan to fit the client. Our basic all in one plans are based on a price per acre structure but can also be priced per block. We can meet with you at your convenience to discuss your needs in the field and map out a formal quote. Please contact us at: 559-906-1131