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Who we are

Ag Moisture Incorporated is an agronomic soil and water consulting company. We specialize in soil / plant moisture monitoring, irrigation scheduling and soil fertility management. We have blended technologies together to create one of the best programs available to assist growers with their water management and fertility management needs. Many growers in the San Joaquin Valley have told us that our active monitoring and consulting services are the best. Experience and Integrity is the key.

Water Management / Irrigation Scheduling  

Ag Moisture Inc. has been on the cutting edge of the water management field in the implementation of soil moisture monitoring equipment including CIMIS based systems along with real time soil base monitoring equipment. Ag Moisture Inc. is an authorized dealer for leading companies like, Ranch Systems and Aquapro. We are also experts in the implementation of plant based irrigation scheduling instruments including the pressure chamber, or pressure bomb, which has the reputation as being the one of the most valuable tools. We provide specialized consulting to help the grower save water and maximize yields.

Fertility Management / Soil, Water and Tissue Sampling

Every grower knows that soil, water and tissue sampling is vital to managing fertilizer with every crop. We provide growers with detailed soil and tissue sampling programs that logs and stores data year after year. Significant fertilizer savings can be obtained with close monitoring. Production can also be increased through proper fertilization, which can be tracked on yearly, monthly, or weekly bases.


Crops we specialize in are:

Permanent Crops

Annual Crops

Almonds Tomatoes
Pistachios Wheat
Wine Grapes
Sugar Beets
Stone Fruit Safflower
  Garbanzo Beans