Ranch Systems

Ranch Systems

We are an authorized dealer for Ranch Systems equipment. This innovative company offers state of the art cellular and wireless technology for agriculture and many other industries.


RM210 Base Station GSM cellular modem, 900MHz network. 6 analog/digital sensor ports. RS232 port. RS485 port

RM210-WS Weather Station package - Includes sensors for Temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind Speed and Direction, and Rain Gauge. Also includes a 20W solar panel.

Ranch Systems Base Station with Weather Station

Ranch Systems equipment 

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Ranch Systems Wireless Sensor Node - RS210 900-S

900MHz up to 3 mile range. Sensor inputs  for 5 analog/digital sensors. One RS232 port and one RS485 port.  integrated bracket with 2 W solar panel and 3/4" conduit connector.

These incredible wireless nodes connect back to a Ranch Systems cellular base station. Soil moisture and other weather sensors can be plugged in to offer a low cost way to monitor your field.

 Ranch Systems Wireless Sensor Node 210-900-S

Wireless Node from Ranch Systems